The mission of the Windham Hospital Foundation is to build a bridge between the community and the hospital and to enhance the resources that support the Hospital in meeting the health care needs of our community. In 2014, individuals, business and community groups contributed more than $500,000 to Windham Hospital through the Windham Hospital Foundation. Look here, for more information or to find out how you can donate.



Thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Jeffery P. Ossen Family Foundation,the Women’s Health Services Center at Windham Hospital is at full strength and poised for growth. The center — formerly known as the Pre-Natal Clinic — has added two nurse midwives and offers comprehensive gynecologic and obstetric services.

“The Jeffery P. Ossen Family Foundation is pleased to support Women’s Health Services,” says Eileen Ossen of the Jeffery P. Ossen Family Foundation. “Our founder, my late husband Jeff had always been a strong advocate for Windham Hospital and health care issues and believed it was important to enable women in many areas. The Foundation knew this was a program we wanted to support.”

The Jeffrey P. Ossen Family Foundation has donated more than $400,000 for the hospital’s cancer navigation program, cancer survivors’ day event and women’s health services at the hospital.

Golf Tourney




Anonymous *
Dr. Arthur S. Abramson
William and Sylvia Aho
Albert and Carolyn Alfano
Gregg Haddad and Donna Becotte
Jane and John Bennett, Jr.
Ellen and Mark Bram
John and Ellen Brand
Rita C. Braswell
William  Brauch
Richard A. Brown
Anne Buchalski
Clarence and Rose Calder
Patricia and Michael Caldiero
James Campetelle
Pamela Carchidi
Del Anne Carey
Fran Choiniere
Helen J. Collins
Brenda Cooke
Susan Cyr
Jennifer Depiano
Howard and Carolyn Drescher
Lynne Ekblom
Janis Franklin
Sherie A. Gage
Mrs. Lorraine B. Gallup
Alice Gamache
Diane and Richard Giggey
George and Elizabeth Goshdigian
Charlie and Terry Grant
Judith Grenier
Jeanne R. Haas
Charlotte L. Hebert
Betty Heiss
Concetta Helble
Donna Herbert
Emil and Marianne Kalbac
Lewis and Shirley Katz
Charles and Charleen Knapp
Carolyn Kokoska
Eugene and Nancy Kolisnyk
Sharon K. Lee
David W. Leete
Michele LeFebvre
James V. Leta
Deborah Linton
Lorena Lombardo
Norman and MaryAnn Marrotte
Janine Masso
Debra Mather
Frank and Shirley Mauro
Roger and Deb McCracken
Beverly A. Meduna
Betty Marie Miles
Lucy Morales
Joseph Morrone
Cara R. Nicolini
David and Sandra Opal
Robert Orescovich
Thomas Peters
Richard and Jeannie Pogmore
Gretchen B. Pokorny
Rita Pollack
Mary Portelli
John Price
Endel Raiem
Barry Rubin
Howard and Bonnie Schiller
Jacqueline R. Seide
Philip and Susan Spak
Virginia Stallman
Carl and Phyllis Stensland
Cynara Stites
Donald and Barbara Stitts
S. T. Tabor
Patricia Tanaka
Valerie Toner
Harry R. Tucker
Murray Wachman
Christine Welden
Donald and Diana Wetherell
Frederick and Bertha White
Leonard and Dorothy Whitman
Paula M. Williams
Geraldine Williams
Roger and Marlene Wilson
Pauline Wingertsman
Kate Foster-Winton and David Winton
Sharon A. Wood
Frank and Alma Zoldak



Anonymous **
Sheila B. Amdur
Robert Anderson
H. Anita D. Bacon
Marilyn Bartlett
John and Jeannette Bartok
Beth and Alan Baumert
Prescott and Bernice Baxter
Debra D. Bazzini
Curt and Ina Ruth Beck
Sharon Benedict
Angela A. Bowen
Harold and Katherine Brody
Gail and Thomas Bruhn
Dr. George S. Campbell
Kaysie Campbell Lloyd
Paul Canavan
William Chapple and Wendy Wood
Jane Cornell
Norman Cote
William and Mary Curtin
June Damon
Tina Deschamps
John & Susan DeWolf
Luis Diaz-Flores
Art Roberts and Joyce Donohoo
Joy and Rudy Favretti
Ellen Foxman, M.D. and Ethan Foxman, M.D.
Thomas and Sheryl Fraser
Kathy Gaito
Janet Perry Garson
Philippe and Nancylee Gaucher
Jane Grant
Sheila Guyot
Kathleen Hawkins
G. Michael and Jane Howard
Mohamed E. Hussein
Barbara Ivry
Ravi Jain
James Stebbins and Kathy James-Stebbins
Carol and David Jordan
Eric Jordan
Natalie B. Jurkovics
Nancy Kehoe
James and Jane Knox
Wendy L. Kozlak
Henry and June Krisch
Walter and Judith Landon
J. J. Laverty
Mark and Diane Light
Harris and Leona Marcus
Ugo and Mary Masi
Paula and David Mayo
Marleen McKean
Julianne and Brian McLeod, M.D.
Gordon and Patricia Mochel
Thomas and Sondra Morrison
Miki and Don Murray
Maria K. Niles
Dawn Noel
Donald and Joanne Nolan
Catherine Page
Rita Perry
David Pfau
Edward T. Pitkin, PhD
Virginia Racicot
Joyce Ray
Patricia and James Raynor, DDS
Bruce and Theresa Robertson
Gabriel and Tove Rosado
Stanley and Andrea Rosenstein
Albert Samuels
Catherine Schaffer
Samuel S. Schrager
Jeremy A. Schwartz and Merle B. Potchinsky
Lynn and Gary Schwartz
Rita E. Sheetz
Stuart and Joan Sidney
Marilynn St. Onge
William and Mauricette Stwalley
Shahla Sultani
Kari-Ann Tegtmeier
Christian Trantalis
Jerry and Janice Trecker
Juanita Vazquez
Albert and Judith Vertefeuille
Charles and Francis Woody
Richard and Adrienne Wright
Pamela Yerkes
Ralph and Ruth Yulo



Anonymous ***
Lois M. Atwood
Alison Blair
Brian Brewer
Elizabeth and Joseph Charron
Stephen X. Coates
Thomas and Elizabeth Collins
Anna and Peter Crawford
Tamre Fontaine
Mona and Todd Friedland
Karen Greer and Edward Eyler
Robert Guttay
Elizabeth Hoadley
Donald and Diana Hodgins
Winifred James
Keith and Marietta Johnson
Melinda and Kenneth Kivlin
Ann and Youssef Kouatly, PhD
M. Paul and Dorothy Kozelka
Scott and Rebecca Lehmann
Richard and Mary Elizabeth Long
Bobbie Ann Maschka
David C. McClary
John and Patricia McLaughlin
Brenda Murphy and George Monteiro
Jo Monty-Ouellette
Keithand Joyce Nasin
Michael and Michele Palmer
Shelley Racine
Dr. Vincent R. Rogers
Marie Santa
Debbie Scott
Kenneth and Joyce Tremblay
Marge Voght
Nelson C. Walker II, M.D.
Ed and Mary Wehrle
Richard and Lois Wolf
Peter Yednorowicz
David A. and Martha R. Yutzey



Anonymous ****
Henry Beck and Doreen Mouzakes
Amanda Carchidi
Kate Cheromcha
Patricia Connell
Stephen W. Dubin
Marie A. Hakmiller
Kathleen Hayward
Bob and Pam Horrocks
Linda and Gregg LaFontaine
Wally and Christine Lamb
Lynne McPhee
Charles and Noreen Morgan
Lisa Pearce
Tricia Reid
James J. Ryan
Tim and Mary Weinland


Benefactor / President’s Circle

Anonymous *****
Stephen Bacon and Anne Bennett
Helen E. Baker
Marie D’Amour Baker and W. Jeffrey Baker, M.D.
Philip & Lena Barry
Delia S. Berlin and David A. Corsini
Honey and Harry Birkenruth
Paul and Pam Bouten
Ruth Buczynski, PhD
Beverly and Robert Bundy, M.D.
Mary Bylone
Carol Colombo
Karen and Richard P. Dibala, M.D.
Lisa and Craig Elliott, M.D.
Donna and David Evan
Karla Fox, Esq.
Veronica Helgans, M.D. and Gregory Turner, M.D.
Bryan E. Heston and Madison C. McGuireMary C. Horan
Harry and Lynn Johnson
Keith and Marietta Johnson
Karen Kessler
Lisa A. and Brian W. King, M.D.
Linda and Waldo Klein
Ajit Kokkat, M.D.
Stephen Larcen, PhD
Steve Y. Lee, M.D.
Julia A. and Carl W. Lindquist, M.D.
David S. Logie and Kristine L. Nowak
Matthew and Margarethe Mashikian
Shawn Maynard
Cynthia McClarran
Austin and Joan McGuigan
Nadia Nashid, M.D.
Elizabeth Paterson
Mark and Lois Patros
M J Pharmer
Emil Pocock and Ann R. Higginbotham
Kenneth and Barbara Porter
Joanne Rahl
Steven Rogers and Barbara Depray
Antonio and Jean Romano
James and Deborah Russel
Thomas Russo
Bill and Joan Russoniello Goba
Norma Salter
Pamela and Charles Shooks, M.D.
Roberta K. Smith
Felicia and Scott Vezina
M. Deborah Walsh
James E. Watson and
Ellen L. Lang, RN, MPH, CPT
Carol A. Wiggins, PhD
Carol J. Williams, PhD and Dr. Robert Asher
Diane and Paul Wishnafski
Mary and Jeffrey Withey


Patron / President’s Circle

Patricia Brown
Jim Makuch
Robert and Suzan Perritt
Rebecca and Timothy Putnam
Bob and Kate Starkey
Carolyn and William Trantalis


Greer Society / President’s Circle

Ted and Mary Gawlicki
Norman and Flora Gustafson
Milton R. Johnson
Janet and George Jones
Loris Masterton
Eileen M. Ossen