Thank You to Windham Staff

Frontline staff are the key to Windham Hospital’s success.  This video is a “day in the life” of Windham Hospital showcasing our amazing staff.


Windham Hospital Spanish-Speaking Diabetes Program

Through a collaboration with United Services and support from the Wireless Zone, Windham Hospital’s Diabetes Education Program has helped 12 Spanish-speaking Willimantic women lose more than 600 pounds while battling Type 2 Diabetes.  This video shows the group’s success and how they’ve stuck together to achieve healthier lifestyles.

Connecting With Purpose

“Connecting with Purpose” means knowing the health needs of our community and building partnerships that ensure that the people of eastern Connecticut receive the best possible care when and where they need it. Whether it’s offering the latest clinical trials to cancer patients, improving patient safety or teaming-up with local community organizations to improve access to underserved populations, Windham Hospital connects the community to the latest advancements in medicine making all of our neighbors healthier.



Dave Whitehead’s remarks from the Windham Annual Meeting held on January 22, 2015.