W_HRO276aIn health care, advances in technology and treatment occur at lightning speed. From the latest clinical trials for cancer patients to teleconferencing technology for fast and effective treatment of stroke patients, Windham Hospital stays connected to latest technology and medical advances ensuring our patients receive the best care available.

“Safety Starts With Me” Training for all Hospital and Medical Staff

All staff and medical staff completed “Safety Starts with Me” training resulting in a significant drop in serious safety events (SSE). During the training, attendees learn how errors happen, the science behind why events of harm occur and how we can prevent errors and eliminate harm. In 2014, SSE events dropped from 16 to four from 2013 with the average number of days between SSE increasing from 23 to 91.

LungScreeningScreening for Early Detection of Lung Cancer

Windham Hospital and the other members of the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute now utilize a Low Dose CT Scan Lung Screening Program which uses CT scan imaging technology to effectively detect lung abnormalities. That means faster diagnosis, timely treatment, and better outcomes for lung cancer patients.

Working to Lower Readmission Rates

RightCare, an evidenced-based software tool aimed at reducing patient readmission, is currently being launched throughout Hartford HealthCare facilities including Windham Hospital. RightCare enables care managers to more quickly know which patients need more care, and staff can be deployed more effectively, controlling costs and improving patient outcomes.